“Narrative is a way of ordering our experience and understanding: a follows b follows c, through somehow d may have to be fitted in as well. The story involves active agents who will and desire and do, as well as the world of nature and impersonal forces or circumstances which may limit or produce action…
storytelling and story making are core human activities without which we cannot function.” – Donald Smith, Storytelling Scotland

I’ve always been drawn to stories and fascinated by those who can tell them. This summer I will journey through Scotland and England to experience storytelling in the form of music, spoken word, plays, films, puppet shows, and operas, hoping to learn from the experts, the art of storytelling.

The first stop on my journey

the Orkney Islands for the St. Magnus International Festival

followed by  the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh

and lastly to Shropshire for the Festival at the Edge.

My Storytelling experience is chronicled below via the Day One app

Day One (2013-09-06 — All Entries)

What now?

During my travels, I met the most amazing and captivating storytellers; my head is filled with stories. Snippets of these stories keep sneaking into my thoughts when I least expect it. I want to re-listen to and read many of the stories I heard, I want to know them as if they were my own. And then, I want to tell them. I want to share my storytelling experience  and the beauty of spoken word. I want my family, friends, colleagues, and students, to know the power of a story. I want to help revive this wonderful tradition.


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