A new year

It’s a new school year, with the emphasis on new. Our library team has new members, a new look, and a seemingly endless supply of new ideas. All this newness is refreshing and inspiring, but is only possible because we spent the last twelve months thinking about who we are and how we work, both individually and with each other. This ‘year of thinking’ allowed us to create a better working environment, as well as a three year plan for the future of the library. A recent google study talked about  “psychological safety,” having an environment where everyone is free to share ideas, and encouraged to try something new  without fear of humiliation. We are only three weeks into the school year, and it’s evident that we have “psychological safety” and it’s inspiring!

A look at some of the newness –

The amazing Jordan Ellis, created a new look for our library circulation desk.


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Movement in the Library

Our library was renovated last year, creating a more user friendly environment. As a result, student use increased and the library became a popular hang out, especially at the end of lunch and after school. While this is what we had hoped for, more students using the library, we didn’t anticipate the great deal of energy the students would bring to the library. Many students, who would normally be running around outside burning off their extra energy from sitting in classes all day, are now running around the library. Wanting to keep the students in the library we decided to investigate seating options that would allow the students to move while working.

The Washington Post had an article recently about a school in Charleston, SC where children are encouraged to be active while they are learning.

In these Charleston, S.C., schools, children are seen, and heard, and always active

And in 2013 Clemson University encouraged students to stay active while studying by outfitting a study hall area with FitDesks.

Why not follow the lead of Charleston and Clemson and add some movement to our library?

FitDeskSo excited for our new addition!