Write on the walls

Writing on the walls is not normally something you’d encourage students to do, but since adding glass panels to several collaborative spaces in the library, writing on the walls is something we actively had to encourage.  When we renovated the library a few years ago, the students took to writing on the painted whiteboard walls straight away but they rarely wrote on the glass walls. We decided it was time to intervene! At first we just added short messages to the glass walls but soon took to asking the students questions…

IMG_0318 windowand they responded! Without any announcements or encouragement, other than posting the question, the students happily replied. The questions vary month to month, but they all seem to garner lots of responses and promote conversations. The only downside is that we are enjoying this conversational wall too much to leave it clean for students to work on. Fortunately, the collaborative spaces for students also have glass walls; hopefully they’ll write on them!


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