Reason to Celebrate

Genres Finalized

After weeks of deliberating we settled on our genres. We ordered tinted color label protectors from Demco to help color code the genres: FantasyScience FictionComedy & HumorAction & AdventureRealistic FictionMysteryThriller & SuspenseHistorical FictionSports FictionRelationships & RomanceLiterary FictionMulticultural, and Graphic Novels g

We added additional labels on the book spines to identify Short Stories and books written in Verse within each genre.




We now have a cleaner collection!!! Yes, we did loads and loads of weeding, but analyzing the collection allowed us to find (and if needed fix or weed) titles that were miscataloged, and incomplete series (sometimes we only had #3 or #6, did we ever own the complete series?). And by going through the collection to add the new color labels, shelf reading happened. You know that thing you never have time for.  I fully realize how unimportant this may sound to non-librarians, but for my librarian friends you know how AWESOME this is. I’m talking double high-fives, break out the champagne soda celebration!! I know, I know, this will not last, but for the moment we will enjoy knowing that the books (even if only for a few hours) were all in order.

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