A journey to a browsable library

I’ve never really been happy with how books are organized in libraries. Why is it that nobody, except the librarian, can ever easily find anything? Yes, the books are organized and by using the catalog you can get a number to track a book down on a shelf. But, what if you don’t have the right search terms, or if you just want to browse a genre? Why is it easy to find a good book at the bookstore but not so easy in the library?

The students and faculty at our school often had the same questions…

“Do we have any Science Fiction books”

“Are there Short Stories my class can borrow”

“I love this book, do we have more just like it”

which led me to believe that they too, were frustrated with the way the books were organized in our library. Shouldn’t a library be set up to best serve its patrons, not to best serve the librarian shelving the books?

After reading journal articles and attending the 2016 AASL conference I decided to make a change, to create a browsable library.  And with the HELP (lots and lots of it) and support of the Middle School Library Staff we are genre-fying the Middle and Upper School fiction collections.

The Genrefication page of this blog will follow our story – the successes (a few so far, but the end product is what we are really going for) and the frustrations (too many to count).


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