What is the definition of research?

According to google definition            

According to students (Pew Internet) “research” = “googling”

According to teachers (Pew Internet) “research” in prior generations was a time-consuming process that involved formulating a clear research question and then seeking out relevant and accurate information from trusted sources (mainly libraries), often with the aid of an expert (such as a reference librarian).

Research skills in college

Colleges want their students to have research skills (Duke).

  • Professors challenge students’ intellectual curiosity
  • Professors assign rigorous research assignments

Colleges are reporting students have little to no experience with the following (Folsom)

  • Choosing and using academic sources
  • Knowing the difference between magazines and academic journals
  • How to use reference books
  • How to track down cited materials
  • Selecting search terms
  • Determining importance of search results

Research skills in high school 

To ensure that all students are prepared for college level research

Schools and teachers need to:

  • Stress the importance of research beyond using google
  • Provide students with the resources and time they need to develop and use research skills
  • Research skills need to be taught when they are going to be used (not in a vacuum)
  • Introduce, reemphasize and integrate research skills across grade levels and subject areas
  • Ensure students know: search techniques; the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sources; the difference between scholarly journals and magazines; what peer edited means; how to validate a source; how to use search results; how to cite sources, quote and paraphrase; how to write in a scholarly format
  • Challenge students to stand behind their research

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