What Student’s Don’t Know

Via Inside Higher Ed

As Librarians do we “Give them a fish? or Teach them to fish?”

Studies conducted at five Illinois Universities on how students research shed light on what students, librarians and professors think of the library and each other at those five institutions.

  • “The most alarming finding in the ERIAL studies was perhaps the most predictable: when it comes to finding and evaluating sources in the Internet age, students are downright lousy.” (Steve Kolowich, What Student’s Don’t Know)
  • Only seven out of 30 students whom anthropologists observed at Illinois Wesleyan “conducted what a librarian might consider a reasonably well-executed search,” wrote Duke and Andrew Asher, an anthropologist at Bucknell University, whom the Illinois consortium called in to lead the project.
  • The students used google over any other database, but they did not use google well  (their searches were poorly built which gave them unsatisfactory results)

ALA’s newly published book College Libraries and Student Culture: What we Now Know provides the results of the ERIAL studies. With the findings ranging from simple service changes to altering both the physical and virtual layout of libraries: there should be something for every librarian to take away, implement and improve the student research process.


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    What my colleague, Nicole Collins, has to share about the value of us figuring out how to teach ICT literacy skills to our children.

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