Google Search Stories

Taking part in an April Fool’s prank, I left the US Library and took the place of a 9th grade English teacher.  As the students were in the dark as to why I was there and I wasn’t overly trilled to continue with the previous day’s grammar lesson, I decided to try something new. Google Search Stories!

To provide the students with a focus for their story I read them two of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.  They then worked in small groups for ten minutes creating a Search Story based on a fairy tale of their choosing.

The students were very creative and quickly mastered the art of creating a Google Search Story.  There was a discussion at the end of class about creating future Search Stories, possibly for Macbeth.

The Search Stories are only 30 seconds long and are quickly uploaded to youtube; provided you already have an account.

I’m inspired to incorporate Search Stories into future library lessons across the curriculum. Check out Google Search Stories and see what you can create in only minutes.


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